Frequently Asked Questions

What does the consultation look like? 

We will walk through the space to understand your pain points and goals for each area. We will also make a list of any tools needed to best organize the room.  

Anything else I need to know before the consultation? 

Don’t stress, and don’y worry about cleaning up.  It is best for us to see the environment it is natural state.  Don’t worry about feeling judged either, that is not our role.  We love messes and disorganized spaces, we truly enjoy transforming our clients homes. 

Do you offer any other services?

We do, our services include: Home Organization, Personal Concierge, Moving Services, Decluttering & the removal of items to a donation center, and Spatial Planning & Home Styling.

What are your Personal Concierge Services? 

We have a team of housekeepers, contractors, and handyworkers who are available to help you with your home.  We want to help you manage your home, let’s talk! 

Do you have housekeepers? 

Yes, getting organized is only half the battle, staying organized is the most important part.  We have housekeepers that are ready to help!  We will review the process and systems that we have put into place and train them to help you stay organized.  We will also meet with your current housekeeper and walk them through the process as well.


Do you have handyworkers?

Yes, as we all have a broken light bulb that we can’t reach or paint that needs to be touched up or a TV that we need mounted, etc.  Our handyworkers are here to hang artwork, curtains, paint, and do whatever it takes to get your home in tip-top shape.

Where can I find your work?  One of the best places to find me is Yelp. Other great options are: Google, Instagram, and Facebook.