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Client: Austin M. (LA, CA)


Brittany was a huge help to me and my husband! She helped us move out of  our old places and into our new home. I can honestly say I have never  felt so organized and it's so nice to come home to! I will definitely  have her come once a year to help us with our home!

Client: Gina H. (SF, CA)


We live in a city apartment where space is limited. With a baby on the  way re-organizing closest, dressers, under the bed, etc. was on my to do  list. My husband hired Brittany to handle all of this as a surprise for  me! Best gift ever. In one day she had cleared out drawers, bought some  reasonably priced furniture storage pieces, built them, cleared out and  reset every closet with new hangers and storage bins, even under our  bed was reorganized. She also repositioned some furniture in our living  room to make our small space look and feel much more open - I was blown  away by Brittany's creativity, efficiency and style. I would recommend  her to anyone!

Client: Jon B. (Austin, TX)


Brittany has helped us on several projects in our Austin home. She has  an eye for de-cluttering, organizing and getting the layout just right.  The first project we engaged her on was a living room and den  re-organization project. Not only did we get the house setup much for  efficiently and attractively, but Brittany helped us part with lots of  possessions we no longer needed. It wasn't easy in the moment but it  feels so liberating after! Our second project with Brittany involved  installing a closet organization system in our master bedroom and  swapping out vanities in our bathroom.

Client: Andrea M (SD, CA)

If you need a professional organizer, check out B Moore Organized! She  is a friendly and compassionate professional organizer. She helped me  organize a miscellaneous JUNK room in my home...it was full of paper  piles, old photographs, boxes of clothing...you name it! This was very  helpful to me as I was preparing for a move.

Whether your project is large or small, one closet or an entire house, she will help you get organized FAST!

Client: Stephanie B. (Houston, TX)

If you are looking for some help with organizing your life.... look no  further!!! I am not the most organized and realize I needed help... but I  didn't realize I would embrace the advice and stay coordinated the way I  have. Brittany makes everything simple and easy - exactly what I needed  when I moved into my new place. I hate moving, as do many people, and  she made my move effortless. With B. Moore's integrity, professionalism,  and honesty, I would recommend her to anyone! Even so much that I may  have her come move me into my next house across country!

Client: Martin M. (Austin, TX)

Brittany did an amazing job decorating my apartment. She understood what  I wanted as far as aesthetics and also was able to find value and keep  the project within budget.

My situation was also more complicated  as I was moving to Austin from New York. She was always available and  was even able to find a way to set things up in my place before my move  in.

Brittany went above and beyond in terms of helping me and I  am very grateful for the job she did. I look forward to hopefully hiring  her on my next project and I would have no problem recommending her to  anyone who needed help designing, decorating or re-organizing their  home.